Politics the Armpit of Society money buys anything

As the Stomach Turns


Edited and Updated:  3/20/2016 as the stomach turns even more.

Republicans do not want Bernie Sanders. Wall Street, K Street and the Military Industrial Complex doesn’t want Bernie Sanders. I suppose people on the far out left like Chris Hedges do not want Bernie Sanders. Well… I in my fantasy’s of a better US, would like to see Bernie Sanders as our president, for I feel he will move the sticks to the left. Heck, Sanders has already forceed the narrative to the left… and at least for now forced Hillary to the left, (since the second big Tuesday the Hillary Camp now seem confident  they are anointed without half the states voting) in the primary against Bernie Sanders. Meanwhile Trump moves everything further to the right, with Mass Media constant in the  living breathing and not to smart or clueless peoples faces.  The Meda has shown a biased  doddering fetish for Trump and apparently the Mass Media also doesn’t want Bernie Sanders, we can call this Trumping?

Far as I can tell Bernie Sanders is the only viable compassionate person running for president offering  a ‘yes we can’ on addressing of the issues which matter and are most important to society, (you know the real breathing people) compared to Hillary who is offering the   ‘No we can’t ticket’ with no we are not Denmark qualifier.    I suppose bought and paid for by the Affordable (oxymoron) Care (oxymoron) Act (appropriate) insurance companies.   So from Hillary we have the: “no we can’t have, universal heath care for all”. Suggesting health care is only for those who can afford it?  Oh  Hillary has assured us she will tinker around the edges of the Affordable Care Ace (Obamacare for those inclined) .yes… I love watching politicians tinkering.

If history is any indication of how the Democrats do their business, they use Super Delegates to make sure democracy is an insider word, they do not want grassroots taking over their power. Democrats need to change their name to something more fitting, for they are a living oxymoron… a gang rape of the English language. The Democrat agenda does not seem very different then the GOP agenda,  the survival of partisan power first, profit second and the real people, the huddled masses…meh!

So we are looking at this election like a sick demented presentation of the Darwin Awards, a political Kabuki Theater. Now one can  find the distraction of Bloomberg (making noise when this was written) maybe or maybe not is going run  as the Democrats Hubert Humphrey, just in case Bernie happens to pull this off and win the primaries?

From here, it looks like Bernie Sanders is the only person who will represent the people, (the real ones) while the establishment Democrats neoliberal with the Republican neocons represent their establishment inequality widening gap benefactors, working hard at keeping their Cayman Island tax evading bank accounts flush.

From what I have heard, Bernie Sanders is one of the few Senators who is not a millionaire, evidently elitism is an entitlement or is it the other way around. From all accounts we in the U.S. live under an illusion wrongly called Democracy by those who despise the idea of democracy. Remember G. W. Bush saying the US was spreading Democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan, yeah…looks good. Actually I thought we in the U.S. had a representative republic government…you know represented for the few, the wealthy known as 1 percent, an aristocracy not unlike the one the founding fathers despised. Today one can even call what we are seeing as the neo facisim.

In the end, we the citizens always get it in the end. Citizens of the United States are manipulated by well propagated ignorance, dividing divisiveness, and fed a constant diet of fear and of course while being kept in a constant need for money.  You know,  for something called substance. We the people (real ones) do not matter to the establishment entities as both parties seem to be working for the list of people I mention above, who do not want Bernie Sanders to be president  and occupy  White House.



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