Politics the Armpit of Society money buys anything


This is an ongoing list of comments which I have made over time and  used… at least I think I did?.

Conservative sign

Conservative sign like a Moose


This is by popular request, but I do not know how popular it will be received?

Republican Christian Conservatives are like whores selling themselves to the highest bidder, you know like filthy rich Koch Brothers. I have a problem knowing which one is the pimp and which one is the whore?  Though one glaring difference I see is… whores and pimps have scruples.

I read 50 percent of the people oppose Obama Care, but 65 percent like the Affordable Care act…does this mean 115 percent are a majority, but for the Republicans 18 percent is still a mandate?

History suggests your wish may be a dream.

Yeah! Republicans don’t want stuff, money works fine for them.

Greed is good and more profit is never wrong.

My response to Conservative Republicans…Something is showing, but I am positive it is not intellect.

As the world turns, there seems little difference in religious dogma and  political dogma, both  are not house broken.

Truth only gets old if one does not like it.

A democratic theocracy seems oxymoronic, almost like saying democratic republic.

We live in a Republic, not a Democracy, which means we have a representative government, meaning representative to the highest bidder.

Belief and fact are the same to some people…which is sad for the rest of us

My comment to a Fox News enabler: you may try very hard to educate yourself, maybe it will even help?

Brotherhood needs some sisters. Brotherhood sounds a tad misogynist, but I am sure this is the  intent.

Sounds as if you had cards printed making you an expert in hypocrisy.

For Republicans it seems shame is not an option, you know like facts

Conception starts with a twinkle in a Republicans eye…and stops at birth. Thanks George Carlin

I cannot help but envision conservatives  crunching the numbers by taking off their shoes.

I love seeing comments and news articles with the headlines which say: maybe, may, might possibly, may have been or what ever as one guesses, surmises and gathers from the same place most Republicans gather their facts from.

Can you expand your point, in order to make it become one?

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