Politics the Armpit of Society money buys anything

Defining Political ignorance

I found this following article by John Laurits both cognet and enlightening, for I have always viewed political terms conjured to divide, apparently in their well groomed ignorance.        Political … Continue reading

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The most dangerous dogs are not the K9 type?

Occasionally  I see web articles on the most dangerous dog breeds,  now I have never checked them out, because I am much more concerned about those most dangerous political breeds. … Continue reading

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Asparagus and Artichokes

As I watch the Republicans offer us great options for a better world and country, Trump people should know conservatives offer the solution, it is called freedom and liberty with … Continue reading

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US are all Bunnies now

Observing the recent Democrat primary elections in Arizona,  New York and Kentucky they  appear to be saying something about Democrat Party biased politics. From  my observations of Republican States…lucky from afar which … Continue reading

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Looks can be deceiving or what looks like a conservative but acts like a socialist

Evidently my political expressions are not received as well as my art, for politics is the bare raw bottom of society among a few other things. Apparently opinions are something, … Continue reading

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As the Stomach Turns

  Edited and Updated:  3/20/2016 as the stomach turns even more. Republicans do not want Bernie Sanders. Wall Street, K Street and the Military Industrial Complex doesn’t want Bernie Sanders. … Continue reading

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This is an ongoing list of comments which I have made over time and  used… at least I think I did?.   This is by popular request, but I do not … Continue reading

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Wake US up

This is a great UTube video on TPP, 600 private corporations meeting to decide on what will happen? Watch this and make your own decision.

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TPP Fast Track This Dots means connecting why things seem to be happening, this Utube may have done just that: Commercial Club of Chicago? Agenda Links:

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Platos Cave as the Matrix?

Originally posted on Piousunyn:
Quick accounting of Plato’s Cave “Plato has Socrates describe a gathering of people who have lived chained to the wall of a cave all of their…

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