Politics the Armpit of Society money buys anything

US are all Bunnies now

Observing the recent Democrat primary elections in Arizona,  New York and Kentucky they  appear to be saying something about Democrat Party biased politics. From  my observations of Republican States…lucky from afar which is a most prudent and sanitary way to avoid  observing Republicans not working. .  It is a well known fact,  Republican conservatives do not want everyone of US people to vote, We do not want everyone to vote. one can safely make the assumption conservatives do not support real democracy.  So, what happened in Arizona?  People where forced to wait in voting lines for up to 5 hours and many never even got to vote. Now this seems both ludicrous and apparently politically motivated, but of course I am not a conservative or a neoliberal, though I was a Democrat?

What happened in Arizona, New York and Kentucky should have a name, but whatever it was it was not democracy.  Surmising who was hidden behind the curtain pulling those not voting strings can be tricky, you know the way money greases palms in politics. So where can one even start?  In the past what was referred to as graft and corruption is now considered accepted establishment business, made into law with one may never really know who was behind Arizonians standing in long lines. Accountability is not an accepted practice in politics, why am I thinking of Chris Christie and Bridge-gate?  but the results may provide a clue or an indicator?  How about citizens united (another oxymoron)  You know like the oxymoron called the Democrat Party.

It is easy to speculate on suspects, for the long lines and making it so people could not vote, first of course I look at the Republicans, (I suppose they control the Arizonian State House and Senate?  As I mentioned Republican conservatives do not want people to vote. But what of the Democrats, they seem to have a pant suit lady in the running who they anointed or is it the other way around? Anyway, the Democrats are also suspect in my view, for they sure as heck do not like Bernie Sanders, I suppose it has to do with their wealthy benefactors, oh wait are they the same as the Republicans benefactors?  In politics it always seems to find the lowest common denominator, which appears to include both parties. The only difference is appearance of one more party appears more visual than the other?  So we have the Democrat Party of “no we can’t” and the Republican Party of “no”.

Consider the cartoon below and  look at the bear as the establishment two party system and the bunny rabbit as the people of Arizona and the rest of US.

Bear in the woods.

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