Politics the Armpit of Society money buys anything

Looks can be deceiving or what looks like a conservative but acts like a socialist

Evidently my political expressions are not received as well as my art, for politics is the bare raw bottom of society among a few other things. Apparently opinions are something, which most everyone can have on their own without any facts or truths, like …who needs science, all some require is to call it belief. In religion they call this faith. The concept of being wrong or not even in the ball park of reality appears to work for much of US and I suppose the people of the world?
Okay, I spend some of my time as a political junkie and some of this time on a web site named ‘Truthdig’ usually making my progressive biases known. Occasionally I will comment on something political here on my art blog… ( this happens to be one of those times, but I am slowly moving them from my art blog to my political one? I suppose if you are a card-carrying conservative… you may not want to go any further on this post? This means you Jim!
For some strange reason I found this article on ‘Truthdig’ amusing. Evidently there is a mammal from Africa named the naked mole rat… my political junkieism kicked in and after seeing the naked mole rat, (you can go to the link) Of course I went to politics, but then after learning about the hard-working naked mole rat, I realized looks can be deceiving, except when it comes to conservatives. (conservatives all look alike to me, though some of my best friends are conservatives) Upon seeing a picture of the Naked Mole Rat I automatically pictured Donald Trump, you know… after placing a badger on the mole rats head. This is youge, a rich billionaire guy who never worked a day in his life and was born with a golden spoon up one of his orifices does not believe in minimum wage for workers. Which is so unlike a mole rat even with the uncanny resemblance with a badger on its head. But after reading how hard mole rats work in their lifetime… I realized just how unfair I was being towards the naked mole rat comparing even them to Trump. Anyway looks are deceiving, and from what I gather the naked mole rat has a tad bit of intelligence and are loaded with social graces when compared to conservatives.

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