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Monthly Archives: March, 2015

Conservatives Tell me what is wrong with this…Please?

On Twitter, I have asked Conservatives to tell me what is wrong with this Danish school teacher comment, and why is war good? So far the only answer I received … Continue reading

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My gun is bigger then your gun video by Rachel Maddow was so powerful I wanted it available here.  I own guns, though having been a in the Marine corps, I prefer to call them weapons. … Continue reading

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President Johnson referred to Racism

This picture of Johnson commenting on Racism I find profound. I feel Johnson’s comment covers much more than the intolerance of  racism and explains why we have; these other intolerances….bigotry, … Continue reading

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Skunks and dogmas

Originally posted on Piousunyn:
Every once in a while I smell a skunk here on the ranch where I live, so far my present dog has not been skunked… in…

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Bantering Coyotes

Originally posted on Piousunyn:
In the wee hours of the morning, I hear the Coyotes making such a fuss Yapping, Yelling, and screaming, carrying on like there is no us…

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Connecting the Dots

Looking at the whole picture is almost impossible with all the conjured stuff flying up against the wall, from the MSN, conservatives and religions, so much flack flying through the … Continue reading

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Iran Responds To GOP Letter: They Don’t Even Understand Their Own Constitution

Originally posted on The Fifth Column:
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif | Archived Photo: Daily Afghanistan Addicting Info Iran’s Foreign Minister, Dr. Javad Zarif has issued a response on…

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Iran Responds to 47 Morons Dear Iran letter

I am linking this blog post for it has a comprehensive accounting of Iran’s response to the 47 Chicken Hawks who want a war so bad they make Neocons look … Continue reading

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Thats no Lady thats Ayn Rand

One could argue heartlessness is a conservative quality, after all conservatives are the only people who could worship someone so sinister as Ayn Rand an icon welfare queen, and at the same … Continue reading

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Conservitive mind not a mind at all

This is my attempt to answer why things happen  in the world today as they do and especially in the USA as it slides back to the middle ages, with trickle … Continue reading

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