Politics the Armpit of Society money buys anything

Connecting the Dots

Looking at the whole picture is almost impossible with all the conjured stuff flying up against the wall, from the MSN, conservatives and religions, so much flack flying through the air, one needs to step back  and still may not see the facts for the lies.

My dislike for conservatives has reason behind it, conservatives discourage or have a downright hate of democracy.  For example look at Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte dictator of Chile, he was a conservative experiment with American conservative finger prints all over it and colossal grand failure  as they privatized social programs and abused the people of Chile, similar to what we see  conservatively being demonstrated  here in the U.S. today.

What conservatives did in Chile is what they are attempting to do here in the U.S., an attempt to privatize everything for profit  and offer nothing to society.  the U Tube is a prime example of conservatives not supporting democracy… by saying they do not want people to vote.  Connecting the gerrymandering, and voter restrictions  part of connecting the dots.   Tie this in with Greenspans Ayn Randisms and things start to focus.


Aristocracy of Conservitism

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