Politics the Armpit of Society money buys anything

Bengahzi amusing the masses by diversions

Okay this is a political rant if you will. So just ignore this post if politics is not your cup of tea. Recently one supposed political side is on a Benghazi tear while the other political supposed side is reacting. I suspect Republicans in Congress have nothing else to work with now that they are done with recess and at what they call hard work…the IRS un scandal for today and bashing the Affordable Care Act yesterday. I see politics as a deviation from reality where obsession is distraction. So tis politicians lumber though hoops which do not exist while they try but not successfully keeping eggs off their face while they attempt to promote to lobbyist.

Confucius quote I find particularly accurate in its description of politics and dovetails nicely with Benghazi; “It is hard to find a black cat in a dark room, particularly when there is no cat”. link:

So here we are with Congress’s 9th attempt to undercover the Benghazi cover up…which is funny when one connects the dots in which cats have nine lives. Anyway I wrote a poem…I realize not a very good one for I like to do the Irish limerick with my poetry and Benghazi is one heck of a challenge.

Benghazi 9th more

There’s a place called Benghazi

drives the Republicans crazy

Benghazi Republicans love to say the name

Benghazi seems to have driven Republicans insane

Benghazi four Americans came to their death

Benghazi Republicans act like they are on meth

Benghazi Republicans the president they want to impeach

Benghazi from day one they would do anything to reach

Benghazi, 9 times now Republicans have begun

Benghazi saying the name, for Republicans must be fun

Then There’s a place called Iraq not Benghazi you see

American deaths where four thousand four hundred eighty nine

Benghazi Republicans deaths in Iraq must be divine?

Benghazi sounds so good to say, while Iraq has crickets a sign

Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi we must hear

Benghazi over and over and over again

Benghazi on a spit we must sear

Benghazi a name Republicans love to say

Benghazi fills the Republicans day

Leefeller Guy

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