Politics the Armpit of Society money buys anything



As one watches politics the only thing to say is…

I do not believe in Conservatives, but I know they exist.

“If the Republicans offered this country something positive then those well heeled Republican benefactors would think they where giving away stuff.”

Republicans cannot introduce a jobs bill, unless the jobs are in China!”

Right from wrong is not allowed as an option in a room teeming with wrong.”

Throughout history, the scribes as the self described elite, feathered their own beds, which usually did and does not feather anyone elses.”

History suggests your wish may be a dream.

Yeah, that Obama should never take a vacation, he don’t come from Texas nor hunts at a ranch named after himself?

Yeah! Republicans don’t want stuff… money works fine for them.”

It is a nice image, but the way it works the elite control the masses, with trickle down theories and other lies.” “I know…I can still hope”

“Knowing the facts of the obvious is more disgusting than knowing the facts in general, to bad I am not a Republican…then I could officially not believe in something called the facts?”

The clown car of Republicans must have been choreographed on purpose, for the country is going just the way they want with filibuster in the Senate and obstruction in the House and disenfranchisement dismantling the middle class appears to be on schedule?”

Polls are not facts but then to Conservatives, neither are facts.”

Greed is good and more profit is never wrong.”

I am sure the elite can come up with another filthy rich person to run for president… you know someone who represents the few, the mighty and those Cayman Island bank accounts.”

Do you really think what you write here matters… for me it is a way of expression and connecting the dots of how many people think and how many more don’t. ”

My religion requires me to drink Tequila while driving… so what part of the law should I ignore?  Yeah my religion lets me pick and choose what taxes I pay, and what laws I observe, so when I acquire my wealth through other peoples labor their lives should be contingent on my religious beliefs, fetishes and fantasies.

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