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Research has found Moose’s are Conservative

Conservitive Moose!

Watch the hand.

After years of research, scientists and experts researching on social stupidity have found some animals which tend to be conservative by their nature. It is concluded by unanimous consent if these conservative animals where human they would be Republicans or even today a Hillary supporter. Scientific research in particular focused on the Moose. Apparently Moose’s have a tendency to be misogynistic, bigoted, even racists to other moose’s who are infringing on what they consider their territory. After extensive experiments using hand signals, moose sounds and copious amounts of tequila it was concluded Moose’s are not very bright in the animal world and to top it off are apparently equipped with poor vision, which makes them perfectly conservative. if a Moose’s could vote they would probably vote Tea Party, but some would vote libertarian. but with this 2016 elections Republicans would have been a close second but Trump the groper changes this? It is well known…Trump has been known to group anything that wears a skirt but Moose’s do not have the same opportunity, so this explains the photo. Move over Trump!

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