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Bantering Coyotes

Originally posted on Piousunyn:
In the wee hours of the morning, I hear the Coyotes making such a fuss Yapping, Yelling, and screaming, carrying on like there is no us…

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Iran Responds To GOP Letter: They Don’t Even Understand Their Own Constitution

Originally posted on The Fifth Column:
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif | Archived Photo: Daily Afghanistan Addicting Info Iran’s Foreign Minister, Dr. Javad Zarif has issued a response on…

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Iran Responds to 47 Morons Dear Iran letter

I am linking this blog post for it has a comprehensive accounting of Iran’s response to the 47 Chicken Hawks who want a war so bad they make Neocons look … Continue reading

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Thats no Lady thats Ayn Rand

One could argue heartlessness is a conservative quality, after all conservatives are the only people who could worship someone so sinister as Ayn Rand an icon welfare queen, and at the same … Continue reading

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